Did You Know?

Did you know Montana State Law allows your insurance company to put after-market parts on your brand new car if there is a claim? Do you want aftermarket parts on your new car? Isn’t the quality supposed to be comparable so does it really matter?

Rent With Confidence

When a flood, fire, or accident happens, not having solid insurance coverage could be the real disaster. We ensure your protection as a renter.

Drive Feeling Secure

Let us save you money by bundling your home and auto insurance policies for cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, boats or other toys.

Protect Your Investment

Protect your interests with comprehensive worker’s compensation and business liability coverage, commercial auto insurance and group medical coverage.

Leave a Legacy

Choosing the right policy doesn’t have to be confusing. Our insurance agents can help you navigate your options.

Coverage When You Need It Most

Choosing a policy based on your specific needs can help lower the cost of premiums while protecting you and your family. Let us show you how.


If you live in Montana, North Dakota, Washington or Arizona, contact us for a quote.


Everyone’s insurance needs are different.  Come in and review your options.


We have a list of insurance companies we work with on our website.


At the end of the day, insurance is there to protect you and your loved ones form financial losses.  Come in and see what options are available.


Montana First Insurance is your local source for auto, business, home, life, and health insurance.

Our insurance agents will meet with you one-on-one to learn more about your unique needs and provide options for you to choose from.  We offer a broad line of insurance products and services from a roster of top insurance companies, so you have many options available in just one appointment.


We visit with and learn about our customers.  We have a range of options you can choose from.   As a Trusted Choice® independent insurance agency, we have access to multiple insurance companies. This allows you to choose a policy you are comfortable with. 

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella Insurance

How much assets do you currently have? The unfortunate truth is that in today’s litigious society, you need to guard against possible lawsuits. Limits of insurance do not go as far as they did years ago. With the cost of litigation, lawyer fees, and everything else...

Workers Compensation Commercial Insurance

Workers Compensation Commercial Insurance

Many employers regard workers’ compensation insurance as a necessary evil — an expense they’d rather be rid of but have to bear because it’s required by law. As a result, they latch on to the first carrier they stumble across, accept the first policy they’re offered,...

Contractors General Liability Insurance

Contractors General Liability Insurance

The unfortunate truth is that in today’s litigious society, you need to guard against possible lawsuits — especially when you think about all the accidents that can happen on a job site. It becomes clear pretty quickly that you need insurance to cover all the risks....

Social Media

Social Media

With folks on average spending 145 minutes on social media each day, Make sure you know that what you (or your teens!) say or post on social media can become a personal liability. And while your homeowners or renters’ insurance policy covers things like property...

Commercial Insurance / Business Insurance

Commercial Insurance / Business Insurance

There are many sorts of insurance a business needs or that are available. Not one policy fits the risk of all businesses. For example, you would not want to have the same insurance for an accountant as you have as a contractor. Here are some examples of commercial...


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