How much assets do you currently have?

The unfortunate truth is that in today’s litigious society, you need to guard against possible lawsuits. Limits of insurance do not go as far as they did years ago. With the cost of litigation, lawyer fees, and everything else that comes about a lawsuit, you can blow right through your limit of liability.

Take a look at your liability limits on your homeowner’s, automobile, and any other personal policies to remind yourself on your limits. Then talk with your agent to inquire about this umbrella policy.

One example for someone looking to get an umbrella policy would be owning rental properties. Around our area in Kalispell, Montana, rental properties are very popular, especially short-term rental. With that type of exposure, you have heavy foot traffic and would definitely want to inquire about an umbrella.

With one inexpensive policy, you can extend that limit of liability on all your personal policies. Most of the time, this would more than double your liability limit as they typically start with extended your limit by 1 million.


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