There are many sorts of insurance a business needs or that are available. Not one policy fits the risk of all businesses. For example, you would not want to have the same insurance for an accountant as you have as a contractor.

Here are some examples of commercial policies:

  1. General Liability Insurance
    1. Cyber Liability
    2. Garage Keepers
  2. Commercial Property
    1. Business Personal Property
    2. Property of Others
    3. Installation
    4. Bailee
    5. Inland Marine
  3. Workers Compensation
  4. Professional Liability
  5. Commercial Umbrella Policy
  6. Commercial Auto Insurance
    1. Hired Auto
    2. Non-Owned Auto

These are the most common types in business or commercial insurance. If you have a small business, starting up a business, or want to discuss any of these policies feel free to give our office a call.

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