If you haven’t already, check out our other blogs about commercial policies. If any of these policies pertain to you, we strongly encourage you to consider an umbrella or an excess liability policy.

You don’t need your umbrella until the storms roll in. The same is true of a commercial umbrella insurance policy. You don’t know you need it — until you need it.

So, what is a commercial umbrella insurance policy, and how does it protect your business?

An umbrella policy is a broad type of coverage used to shield your business from liabilities that threaten your financial stability. Like an umbrella, this policy extends over other policies providing additional coverage. For an incredibly affordable rate, you gain access to higher limits of protection from risks like a legal judgment or expensive repairs.

Typically, a general liability policy has a 1 million per occurrence limit. As we all know, 1 million does not get you as far as it did 20 years ago… even 5 years ago!

If you’re interested in learning how an umbrella policy can help guard your business against the unexpected, just give your agent a call.
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