Let’s take a quick moment to touch base on a type of coverage that’s become increasingly important for business owner clients over the past year or two: Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI).

EPLI is a type of liability policy that can help protect your company from employment-related risks. Things like discrimination, wrongful termination, failure to promote, sexual harassment, and employment-related defamation are all covered under EPLI.

Though EPL Insurance can be purchased separately, many commercial insurers package it with D&O coverage into a convenient management liability package. It’s important to note that many EPLI policies exclude property damage, bodily injury, and intentional acts. While you have defense coverage under your EPLI policy, it is usually part of your coverage limits—this means you’ll have less of your policy limit left for damages.

There’s a lot at stake if an employment practices claim is filed against your business—and any business with employees could face a claim. It’s expensive and time-consuming to handle a lawsuit, but employment practices allegations can also cause a loss of your reputation and goodwill.

Is your business protected from the risks of an employment practices claim? Reach out to our office at your convenience and we’ll talk through what you need.