We have choices, and lots of them-

This does not mean each company will write you a policy. Some companies are picky. With Montana being rural, there are some companies that will not write policies unless it is right in town. With an independent agency, you do not have to spend a day calling all around to each insurance company to just get declined over and over again. Let us handle all that.

We are not automated or someone different every time you call-

When you call in, you have an agent. You know your agent’s name and you can always have access to speak to them. Even if you are not able to reach your agent due to them being with another client or out of office, there is always someone else you can talk to in our office. Everyone in the office is eager to help and if you came in the office, you would see all the faces you talk to, we do not send calls to a call center.

Convenient & Time Saving-

Your company’s time is valuable, and your personal time is valuable. Why spend time calling your auto insurance carrier to wait on hold and talk to someone random just to get off the phone and then call your homeowner insurance carrier to repeat the same process? Having to call one office and ask about your personal policies and even your commercial policies will save you a plethora of time.

We also review your policy renewals and if we need to shop it around, we do it for you! No need to spend time giving all your information again (Those VIN numbers on vehicles are pretty long), we have most the information needed to requote and if there are any changes, we can talk about them before switching carriers.

These are some of the main reasons, give us a call if you have any questions!

Being a local insurance agency located in Kalispell, MT you can always stop by and talk to us, or we can even meet. However, if you are a little further away, we can still service your policies as we go all throughout Montana, Washington, Arizona, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

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