As the weather turns, so does our attention to outdoor activities. Between grilling, bonfires, and simple fire pits outside your own back door, there are many opportunities for fun—and mishaps. I thought it would be timely to highlight some basic ways to stay safe while enjoying classic summer activities:

•Grilling: While grilling is a fairly safe activity, research shows that backyard grilling causes over 10,000 fires every year. Make sure to place your grill a reasonable distance from your home (or tent if you are camping), overhead branches, and dry debris. It’s also important to keep your grill clean from grease buildup, which can lead to fires.

•Bonfires and fire pits: Fire pits have become a summertime staple and a more and more popular part of outdoor living spaces across the U.S. Caution: They come with hazards, especially where children are concerned. Make sure to supervise children and instruct them to keep back from the flames. Beyond this, keep a bucket of water or a small fire extinguisher close by, and don’t place fire pits on decks or other flammable surfaces without taking appropriate precautions.

•Fireworks: Perhaps the most important aspect of firework safety is supervision and good old-fashioned common sense. Of the 12,000 injuries that occurred in 2017, most were the result of amateurs’