Montana First Insurance was created to bring you top notch insurance policies, educated and caring agents – while helping you get the coverage you want.

Montana First Insurance, Inc. is an independent insurance agency in Kalispell, MT providing affordable insurance services backed by experienced insurance agents. When selecting your insurance agent keep in mind that you need good service as well as good products. Situated here in the beautiful Flathead Valley, we know the risks and we know the people. Our clients are from all over this valley. We service clients from Glacier Park and Columbia Falls to Whitefish and around Flathead Lake. Polson, Somers, Lakeside, and Bigfork are all a part of our insurance family.

We will work with you to understand the insurance options available, and can obtain the coverage that fits. We provide insurance coverage for personal individual and commercial business accounts. We help you mitigate the pain of accidental losses that strike without warning. Every client is eligible for our highest level of service and commitment.

Montana First Agent - Kelly Knaff


Kelly has been in the insurance game for many years, and has an equally important family life. Kelly is licensed in several states in the Western US; including Montana, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, North Dakota, Colorado and Arizona. If you have exposure or assets in these states you need to work with an agent that can handle all of your business. So, if you have a second home or conduct business in other Western states, Kelly has the knowledge and expertise to be your one call for insurance needs.


Montana First Agent - Kendall MassieKENDALL MASSIE – AGENT

Kendall began his career in 2009 after 15 years in the industrial controls division of a large electrical company. With the help of Montana First Insurance, he started Washington First Insurance, which is still growing today. His background in construction and years of life experience have made the transition to insurance an easy fit. He has completed the Certified Insurance Counselor training and continues to attend courses yearly. He recently moved his family from Washington to Montana at the request of the ownership of the agencies. He enjoys traveling to see family and spending time with his children doing whatever activity is in season; boating, camping, snowboarding or just playing in the yard with his kids.


Montana First Agent - Jericho Sneeden


Jericho began her career in insurance when she moved to Montana from South Dakota in 2015. She spent the previous six years working in a call center for a credit card company. She has seven siblings and many nieces and nephews who primarily
live in Minnesota. She moved here to be near her brother and his family. The move to insurance has been a great fit and she loves being able to interact with clients face to face. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, tennis and snowboarding but what she loves most is living near her family and playing with her nieces and nephews.


Do you KNOW your agent?

If your agent is in a building six states away, does he KNOW you? Many people do not even know their agent, let alone if they have family of their own – or what they do for hobbies. If you want to know our life story – you will have to come in and visit!

Do you KNOW your coverage?

Being in the insurance business, we have heard nearly every sort of crazy, destructive story there is to hear – but nothing beats a story when we know that the person or property involved was covered by one of our policies. We want you to be covered, and truly care about your security.